SD School Counseling Model
Resources Repository

The South Dakota Department of Education published the South Dakota Comprehensive School Counseling Program Model, 5th edition, in December 2023. A feature of the model is the South Dakota School Counselor Resources Repository, housed and managed by SDSCA. This repository contains resources and materials created by and for South Dakota school counselors to help with the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program. 

Each category below is linked to related resources provided by South Dakota school counselors.

All resources in the repository are open to use and modification to fit your own school counseling setting. If you utilize any of the resources, please cite the original source to give credit to the school counselor (if listed on the resource) who created and provided the resource.

Disclaimer: Although housed on the SDSCA website, the resources have not been thoroughly vetted by SDSCA or the SD Department of Education. School counselors should review resources and use at their own discretion. 

Additional SD School Counseling Model Resources

Although not submitted by South Dakota school counselors themselves, the below resources are related to the South Dakota Comprehensive School Counseling Program Model and may be useful for school counselors to use when implementing their school counseling programs.