Graduate Students

Welcome School Counselor Graduate Students!

School counseling is a rewarding profession and SDSCA is excited for you to be part of it!  

Become an SDSCA Member

SDSCA has a lot to offer and graduate students are able to become a member at a reduced price while still enjoying all of the member benefits. SDSCA supports and unites school counselors through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration and empowers its members through professional development opportunities, ethical support, and resources to promote student success in the academic, career, and social/emotional domains. Being a member offers many networking and support opportunities throughout the state!

SDSCA Student Member Price: $10

Simply join ONLINE or complete the PAPER FORM and select the Student Membership option. 

Eligibility to be a Student Member in SDSCA:

A Student Member must be engaged in a planned program of counselor education designed to result in a Masters degree or higher in Counseling. Once the student receives their degree in counseling, he or she must become a Professional Member. 

It may also be beneficial for graduate students to join the South Dakota Counseling Association. SDCA is a partnership of associations which represent counselors who work in different settings and have special interests. The South Dakota School Counselor Association is an area of specialty of the South Dakota Counseling Association. SDCA's mission is to enhance quality of life by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, practicing to promote respect for human dignity, and supporting cultural diversity. Graduate students can join SDCA for $25 by using the same membership form as SDSCA.

South Dakota School Counseling Graduate Programs

Join the Listserv 

As a benefit of joining SDSCA, members are able to join a members-only listserv. SDSCA members can discuss issues relating to school counseling with other professionals - knowing their concerns and questions will be kept in confidence. Members can be a sounding board for each other in a safe and secure email group. 

The SDSCA Members listserv is a great way to ask for the advice, benefit from others experience, and network with other professionals. 

Reduced-Cost Professional Development

Often, SDSCA offers a discounted rate for professional development for graduate students.  Not only are these great training opportunities for best practices in the profession, but they also lend great networking opportunities with South Dakota school counselors. Check out our PD & Events page to learn more about professional development opportunities. 

Resources for Graduate Students Nearing Graduation


Upon completing your school counseling graduate program, you will need to apply for school counselor certification with the South Dakota Department of Education.

Finding a Job

The South Dakota Association of School Boards of South Dakota offers a Teacher Placement Center featuring job openings for educators, including school counselors. 

School Counseling Mentoring Program

As a new school counselor, having a mentor can be quite beneficial in being new to the field. Take advantage of this SDSCA member benefit and be paired with an experienced school counselor in similar grade levels and/or geographic area. Visit the SDSCA Mentoring Program page for more information.

14 Tips for New School Counselors

View a quick tip sheet that lays out fourteen things you can do to get off on a good start in your new job as a school counselor. 14 Tips for New School Counselors was created in partnership between the South Dakota Department of Education and SDSCA.