Evaluation Resources

Just as it is important for teachers to receive regular evaluations, school counselors should be evaluated regularly and with an evaluation tool tied to the school counselor role. 

A variety of school counselor evaluation resources are available for use in South Dakota for school counselor evaluations.

School Counselor Performance Appraisal

Aligned to the South Dakota School Counselor Professional Standards and Competencies and published as a template within the South Dakota Comprehensive School Counseling Program Model (5th Edition), the School Counselor Performance Appraisal may be used by administrators to guide their evaluation of the school counselor.

South Dakota School Counselor Annual Professional Evaluation Tool 

The South Dakota Department of Education and SDSCA created the School Counselor Annual Professional Evaluation Tool for school counselor advocacy and as a common evaluation tool to be used for professional school counselors. This tool is aligned to the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching.