Government Relations

Our Voices Deserve to be Heard

Contacting your legislator 

We have many new people going to Pierre as Legislators.  It is important to introduce yourself to them so they know who to contact if they have any questions about counseling.  This also gives you a good relationship to build on later during the session. It will give your input more weight when you contact them regarding bills.   Get to know yours by checking out their names and faces at 

Following Legislation 

To track legislation during the session, visit the South Dakota Legislature website provided by the Legislative Research Council. Click "Session" from the menu of options to learn about bills, committees, schedules and more. 

How a bill becomes a law in SD 

Been a while since you took Gov’t 101?  Refer to to learn how a bill becomes law. 

Advocacy Efforts

Without doubt, there have been national issues making the headlines over the past few weeks. While SDSCA is not always at liberty to take a stance on all issues, we do encourage our members (and really all citizens) to become informed and to share their viewpoints with their elected officials.

Please see the following links for contact information as well as tips for reaching out to senators and representatives.

How to Have a Productive Phone Call With Your Legislator's Office

Senator Mike Rounds Official Webpage

Senator John Thune Official Webpage

Representative Dusty Johnson Official Webpage

US Senate Members and Contact Information

US House of Representatives Members and Contact Information

The White House Official Website