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SDSCA book studies are great opportunities to grow professionally, interact with other educators across the state, and earn continuing education contact hours and/or graduate credits towards certification. Although, relevant to school counselors, many of the SDSCA books studies are relevant to all educators.  

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The Body Keeps the Score

The goal of this book study is to provide educators with an understanding of the causes and consequences of trauma on the students and stakeholders in our school communities. This book study will be discussion based (no quizzes or assessments). Drawing on more than thirty years of experience, Bessel van der Kolk describes how trauma literally reshapes both the brain and the body. This book is a product of therapists and scientists integrating recent advances in brain science, attachment research, and body awareness into treatments that can free trauma survivors from their past.



Book Study Cost:

SDSCA members: $20 

Non-members: $30 

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 15 hours CECH Certificate


Graduate Credit: $45 to University of Sioux Falls for 1 graduate credit

The Book:

The Body Keeps the Score is available on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

October 2023 - March 2024