ASCA National Model, Fourth Edition

As part of the education team, school counselors foster development in career, academic, and social/emotional areas for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.

The components of a school counseling program (pictured left), via the ASCA National Model, are aimed to help improve student success for all students.

The ASCA National Model, provided by the American School Counselor Association, is a framework for a comprehensive school counseling program to help answer the question, “How are students different as a results of what school counselors do?”

​ASCA National Model Resources:

Comprehensive School Counseling Program Resources

School counselors implement a comprehensive school counseling program aligned to the school's mission to make a positive impact on student achievement, attendance, and behavior. 

A comprehensive school counseling program:

These resources offer ways to store components of a comprehensive school counseling program online and apply to receive recognition for exemplary school counseling programs.